Chapter 1: The hamster in its wheel

I was talking a lot to other people in the last couple of months and many agree with me that we live in some kind of modern slavery and so I decided to try and put my thoughts into words.

Let’s see:

From when we are little we are told what to do. Everyone around us knows what is best for us. The advertisments, friends, family and so we are born in a stucture, told to keep in line without starting to questioning if this is actually the right way for ourselves.

We are told we are free and one sentence later we are told what to do to protect our freedom.

Whatever we want to do at the moment we can do but maybe later after you have paid for your car, your house, your insurance, all the bills that keep you safe in the structure without having time to ask questions.


Almost every day I ride through the city by train and I see all the posters at the side that tell us what we could do if we could just win this once in the lottery.

People in a bad mood argue about work, about society, about everything and when they get asked what they feel like they content themselves with the sentence “Well it’s monday!”

5 days later the same question and the same answer only maybe a little cheered up “Well it’s Friday!”


Sometimes when you are lucky you can hear that someones about to go on holiday. Sometimes if not the holiday is over and you hear the same response to the same question over and over again:

“How was your holiday?”

“Too short.”

Painful laughter included.


The salary that we get honours the work that we do so we can spend it on stuff that maybe makes us happier and also let’s us look better in our social environment.

Most of the stuff we cannot afford at once but no problem. There are enough financial services waiting for your little wallet to tell you the lie that of course you can afford a new car, a new TV, a new mobile phone. Just sign here and make yourself dependent on your working contract for the next 10 years so you are able to pay the fees.

The fees that lead you to believe that you are free and able to get a small piece of the cake that you deserve.

While signing the contract we already see the envious neighbour’s face the moment the “not-yet-paid-for” new car stands in front of our “not-yet-paid-for” new garage.

Social stand? Check!


Weekends good for escalation and of course everyone has to see how cool your party was by uploading perfect filtered pictures into the social media. Every party has to be hardcore. Every party has to be shared.

Hashtag: Escalation, YOLO, Live your life


Fear is everywhere.

The fear of bein unemployed. The fear of getting old and poor. Of being meaningless.

The fear of being left make us become cold assholes only able to say: “before I get hurt, I will hurt someone else.”


Fear makes people easy to control!

You are able to take something from them. Something they like. Something they love. Something they got used to.

And what I hate most about this fact – it makes people spend even more money in security. More time in saving something instead of spending time with it.

More time time and money for safety. Less time and money for feeling free of all the bounderies that society keeps us trapped in.


In one point I don’t want to be misunderstood:

Having a function is rreally important. Staying home week after week without doing anything makes us even more ill and exhausted than going to work every day but we should always keep an eye on the relation of work and the really existent luxury of feeling emotional free to do what we want to do.

In other words not feeling free but really being free.


I spent my last 12 years in different offices working for different companies.

Last year I stumbled as you can read in the “about me”-section and so I had to think over my situation.

I have no clue what the future will bring. Not for me and not for the world but even if I can’t change the world, for me I decided I am way too far out of the wheel to at least try out an idea that came to me in the last months I spent at home.

So let’s see what this is all about.


Thank you for reading




“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”

(Tyler Durden alias Brad Pitt in Fight Club)

Author of the original book: Chuck Palahniuk

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